Analysis of six strategies for lamp enterprises to start market brand

With the rapid development of economy and the continuous enhancement of consumers’ brand awareness, brand is no longer a professional term in the advertising planning industry. It has become a word often spoken by all walks of life. But what is the brand and how to build the brand, most lamp enterprises can’t find a way. Reputation, recognition, association and loyalty are regarded as the five assets of the brand, which represent the process of the brand from scratch and gradually strengthening. The market leader of Liwei door industry believes that lamp enterprises can achieve brand from the following six aspects.

First, make good products

Products are the foundation of brand building. If lamp enterprises do not have good lamps to supply the market, brand construction is impossible. In addition to the basic quality assurance, good products also have high requirements in image, name, product concept, product packaging and product display. Products are the key factor to attract consumers’ attention and purchase.

Second, find accurate positioning

Positioning is the key to brand building. Without accurate brand positioning, the brand image can only be blurred and the development of the brand is confused. Therefore, for lamp enterprises that create brands, they must clearly and accurately position their own brands. Positioning needs to adopt differentiation strategy, which can be clearly distinguished from other brands. At the same time, positioning should be combined with product attributes.

Third, establish an image

Image is the foundation of brand building. The usual way to build enterprise brand image is to import VI or CI system. If there is no perfect VI or CI system, the brand construction of lamp enterprises is impossible; If lamp enterprises want to create a brand, they must leave a unique and distinctive impression in the eyes of consumers, such as fashion, elegance, wealth and so on; Brand image building should break through the thinking set and explore the value of the brand according to the market demand and consumer psychology, so as to impress consumers with a good brand image  .

Fourth, strengthen management

Management is not only the guarantee of brand construction, but also the core competitiveness of enterprises to create brands. Management is the most powerful and main driving force in the growth of enterprises. It is not only the basic ability to support the long-term competitive advantage of enterprises, but also the strategic ability to make enterprises unique and bring competitive advantage to enterprises, so as to promote the rapid development of enterprises. Without core competitiveness, the brand lacks soul; Only with the support of core competitiveness can the brand prosper forever.

Fifth, improve channels

Products must be distributed to the sales terminal through various sales channels before they can finally reach consumers. Without a sound channel, the brand can not be achieved. Therefore, the channel has become more and more important in the growth of the brand.

Sixth, high-quality communication

Brand communication needs to be systematic, standardized and continuous. It is a gradual and accumulating process. If you are anxious for success, it is difficult to build a brand; Only scientific communication can give the brand wings to take off.

For lamp enterprises preparing to create brands, there should be different communication strategies at different stages.

1. In the brand start-up stage, the main task is to improve brand awareness and tell consumers “who am I? What advantages do I have?” in this stage, the functional appeal – Global Brand Network – is used to establish brand segmentation;

2. During the brand growth period, the main task is to improve the brand influence, especially the reputation, tell the audience “what do I admire?” and win the emotional recognition and preference of consumers with perceptual demands;

3. During the brand maturity period, the main task is to consolidate the influence of the brand and become the representative of the lamp industry, and tell the audience “what cultural concept the brand represents”.

Post time: Sep-22-2021

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