The latest reminder! In the lighting industry in 2022, these changes have quietly occurred…

Nowadays, repeated epidemics, changes in consumer aesthetics, changes in purchasing channels, and the rise of unowned lamps… all impact the development of the lighting industry.
How will the lighting industry develop in the future? How should lighting enterprises transform and upgrade? In this issue, Great Lighting invited associations and business representatives from the lighting industry to analyze the above issues in detail.

At present, the lighting market has formed a situation of specialization and polarization. People in the industry have said that 2022 will be full of crises, but at the same time, we must also realize that the crisis will also bring about a turnaround. How to grasp the development opportunities of the lighting industry in extraordinary times will undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for enterprises to cope with challenges and seek development.
The product line in the lighting industry is too long and there are many categories. Most lighting manufacturers are often developing products quickly but have not formed a system, resulting in the inability to expand the scale of the enterprise. Faced with this situation, I believe that companies should always stick to their own product lines, consistently make their own styles, and lay a solid foundation in order to become bigger and stronger.

Although the lighting industry has developed for many years, it is still an industry with bright prospects. After all, people’s lives cannot be separated from light. In the process of deep reshuffle in the lighting industry, some new changes will occur in the industry, and some companies and some people will be eliminated. For enterprises, insisting on doing their own professional things well and continuously improving their core competitiveness are the most needed things in the post-epidemic era.

Throughout the entire lighting industry, modern lighting has always been in the forefront of the market, especially the modern light luxury style and simple style, which are favored by consumers. First, because of the market demand driven by the change of home style; second, because the consumption habits of Chinese people are gradually changing, more and more lighting companies are choosing to enter the field of modern lighting.
Although the epidemic is not completely over, lighting companies should still be full of confidence and do a good job in every aspect of research and development, innovation, product production and management, aiming at high-quality, high-performance good products, not low-price strategies, no Only by taking the road of plagiarism and imitation, conforming to the trend of the development of the present era, and continuously improving our core competitiveness, can we make a truly influential Chinese brand.
Although market competition is difficult, don’t be afraid of challenges and difficulties. Lighting companies must learn to cross-border joint creation, strengthen their own strength, open up more market sales channels, diversify sales channels, and sell their products all over the world.4_16422987924834

Post time: Apr-06-2022

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