The style trend of lamps in 2023 is the first to be seen, which will lead you to analyze from the aspects of material, shape and color

Lighting is the atmosphere of the space. We can feel the warmth it brings to the room. If a space is perfectly designed, but the lighting is not selected properly, the aesthetic feeling of the room will disappear. So lamps and lanterns are absolutely one of the most important household products. Recently, major brands and designers have also launched a lot of new products. It’s time to see the trend of lamps in 2023.



Today, Xiaobian starts from the material, color and shape of lamps and lanterns to show you the four style trends of lamps and lanterns in the future. Retro design is still the key word of design, and designers seek inspiration from the decoration in the 1920s. In terms of color, some furniture and design trends are turning to bright, happy and interesting. Creative materials have also been brought into lamp design by more artists and designers.

Gypsum and ceramic sculpture style

Sculpture lamps will become popular this year. Unique and sculpture like works of art have also been turned into lamps. Sculpture lamp is an attempt to make a dialogue between the essence of art and the design function. Such lamp not only serves as lighting, but also is an excellent decoration. Their forms and materials interact with the senses at the original level, which makes people closer to their original nature and sense of happiness. These lamps are designed for peace, bringing peace of mind by focusing on them.

The work of Elisa Uberti, a French ceramic and handicraft artist, is a delicate universe, with a variety of mineral and organic inspirations, such as the poetry of nature, nomadism, architecture and space, integrating tradition with modernity. The latest ceramic lamp design has a sculptural sense of bending and comfortable shape, bringing infinite calm atmosphere.

The Spanish ceramic brand Epocaceramic even directly used ceramic material on the lampshade. Its frosted texture, as well as its beautiful curve shape and texture make this design especially pleasing to the eye.



Postmodern Memphis style

We have found the general trend of Memphis color from the largest design festival in Denmark before. If you also feel the popularity of geometric lines and multi-color, you will not be surprised that they are about to take over the lighting design. 2023 We will see the application of bold colors and geometric shapes in lamp design everywhere.

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby recently exhibited a series of lamp designs inspired by postmodernism and the Memphis movement at the “Signal” exhibition in Paris. The simple and unique geometric shape and the multi-color lamps of Memphis are both modern and retro, which is very suitable for becoming an important ornament in the space.



Decorative art style

The statement that fashion is all about reincarnation was once again confirmed in the design. The interior design has recovered in the 1920s. In the future, we will see many geometric lights inspired by the decorative art movement. Modern decorative art lamp closely combines the charm of retro style with contemporary technology to obtain more interesting contour design. In terms of color, whether simple monochrome or patterned, you will also choose colors to match in the retro color palette.

The octagonal lamp of the latest series of Saint Lazare design studio is a decorative art style, inspired by vintage vases.

The new table lamp designed by Serena Confalonieri for the Italian handmade lighting brand MM Lampadari at Milan Design Week is characterized by its playful shape. The opaque and diversified stripes present a kaleidoscope like color combination, and the perfect dialogue between form and decoration.




Space Future Style


The space future style decorative lamp is a way to add luster and a desire for more shiny things. Now it is more powerful than ever, and the design community likes it very much. Tom Dixon’s presentation at Milan Design Week just proves this. The disco spherical mirror, reflective material and planet theme elements are vividly displayed in this futuristic style, adding a sense of drama and science fiction to the lamp design.

Australian lighting brand Christopher Boots introduced its new lighting series OURANOS to the international stage at Milan Design Week. The design of the whole series explored the theme of natural history, space and time. The whole quartz sphere is embedded in the brass plate of the wall lamp. The whole sphere is like a cosmic planet, with a mysterious sense of power.


The latest design Specola of Zanellato/Portoto design portfolio is a series of lamps made of fire colored copper. The texture of the nebula brings us into the vastness of space.


The new products of Lasvit were displayed at the Milan exhibition, and visitors felt the light of the shining stars through an immersive experience.

Post time: Nov-23-2022

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