Opening of the 27th China International Lighting Expo (Zhongshan ancient town)

On October 22, the 27th China International Lighting Expo (Zhongshan ancient town) (hereinafter referred to as “ancient town lighting Expo”) opened at the Convention and Exhibition Center of dengdu ancient town, Zhongshan City. From October 22 to 26, with the innovative mode of “exhibition store linkage and online and offline integration”, 3300 high-quality enterprises in the eight venues of Guzhen lamp Expo built an industry event, with an exhibition area of more than 1.5 million square meters.

This ancient town lamp Expo is guided by Zhongshan Municipal People’s government, hosted by China Lighting Appliance Association and China Lighting Capital (Zhongshan ancient town), and undertaken by Zhongshan ancient town lamp capital Expo Co., Ltd. Based on the lamp capital of the industry “industrial center, trade center and design center”, with the theme of “China’s lamp capital, lighting up the world” and the direction of “aggregation, energy gathering and potential gathering”, the exhibition tries its best to create a 1 + 7 + n headlamp Expo pattern of “more professional main venue and more high-end branch venue”.



At the opening ceremony, Lei Yuelong, vice mayor of Zhongshan City, said that in order to expand and strengthen key industries, Zhongshan City has deeply promoted the construction of “3 + 4″ major industrial platform, deeply implemented the chain length system of key industries, accelerated the construction of modern industrial system, and regarded the lighting light source industry as one of the top ten industries for the development of Zhongshan City. Next, Zhongshan will make every effort to promote a higher level of opening to the outside world, relying on platforms such as cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone and market procurement trade mode pilot, so as to optimize and strengthen national and provincial foreign trade transformation bases such as ancient town lighting.

Just after the opening of the exhibition, there has been an endless stream of customers in the main venue – dengdu Ancient Town Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as seven sub venues – Lihe dengbo center, Huayi square, Xingguang alliance, Times Square, dengdu street lamp city, Ruifeng lamp distribution city and Qingfeng led Trade Plaza. The main venue will focus on the display of new and explosive products of 764 enterprises, such as indoor decorative lamps, smart home lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, special lamps, mechanical equipment, lighting accessories, smart home, hardware doors and windows, kitchen and bathroom. The products cover the upstream and downstream of lighting and extend the industrial chain across borders.

Post time: Oct-27-2021

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