How to match European style lamps? European style lamp matching skills




In recent years, the elegant and refined European style has become popular. Nowadays, many families choose European style when decorating. The simple color matching of European style can always relax the soul and experience a sense of innocence. Among them, European style lamps and lanterns can show different matching effects in different decoration styles. , Instantly enhance the grade and style of the home space. So, how to match European style lamps? What are the matching skills of European style lamps?

How to match European style lamps
1. European-style lamps have gorgeous decorations, rich colors and exquisite shapes. At the same time, European-style lamps pay more attention to the lines, shapes and glorious carvings. From the material point of view, European lamps are mostly made of resin and wrought iron. There are many shapes of resin lamps, and the shapes of iron art are relatively simple, but they are more textured.

2. European-style lamps have a classical element, so when matching, they should be elegant and harmonious. Because most European-style decorations are mainly white and gold, you can choose some European-style lamps with white soft lighting when choosing European-style lamps. With matching, the home color will look bright, and the whole space will look more atmospheric and extraordinary.

3. In the choice of luminaire shape, European style is more biased towards something with a little shape or soft light. Although those bright luminaires or gorgeous broken crystal lamps are very luxurious, they will give people a kind of non-softness. Therefore, the simple and harmonious European-style lamps are easier to match with the furniture.

4. The European-style lamps in the living room can be a little more luxurious, so that it can show the extraordinary temperament of elegance and refinement, classical and modern integration; the bedroom lighting should be as soft as possible, and personalized floor lamps and warm colors should be selected when it is not dim. Small table lamps can also be used to create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.




European style lamp matching skills
1. Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style furniture and lighting. Most Mediterranean styles are mainly gray-white walls, arches, sea-blue roof tiles, or doors and windows, and combined with the mosaics on the walls, it will give people a sense of grandeur, and the color jumps. In terms of lighting, the lamps are equipped with a Mediterranean style. First of all, the color should not be too jumpy. The main color should be heavy. And most of its lamps should be height. The height requirements should be slightly higher. It is better to be taller. With its glass material, it can be matched with a little brighter glass and placed on it, and then it can be matched with the mosaic on the wall, so the effect is better.

2. Classical style

Classical-style home furnishings are dominated by elegant and rich colors, mostly white, gold, yellow, and dark red. And sometimes it will be mixed with a small amount of white soft, this color will look bright and generous, making the entire space look open, tolerant, and atmospheric.

3. Rural style

Pastoral style furniture and lighting. Pastoral style focuses on the performance of nature. British pastoral furniture is characterized by gorgeous fabrics and is handmade. Most of its flowers are mainly small broken flowers, stripes, and Scottish patterns, and British style Style furniture is always our eternal theme. For lamps, our lamps, whether it is a chandelier, a floor lamp, a table lamp, or a cloth cover, are the most important thing to match with it. The characteristic of the French pastoral style is mainly the whitewashing treatment of the furniture. For all the treatments on our lamps, the lampshade should choose some large areas of white, not the broken flower type.

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