What are the trends of 2023 lighting design? Let’s take a look at the 5 key points of next year’s home trend!

As fickle as fashion circle

Household soft decoration has a new trend every year

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Launch 2023 Home Furnishing Trend Leading Action Points

In this issue, Starlight Alliance will combine 5 key points

Uncover the design direction of 2023 lighting fixtures

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The surface touch can endow the contemporary design with unique appearance characteristics, whether through manual techniques or using dry tactile materials. Try a series of surface treatment methods, including sandpaper grinding, chiseling, cutting and carving, to change the design. Keep the original state of natural materials, and create durable goods and lighting fixtures that are desirable.

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Break the convention, make the design full of individuality, redefine the design standard from the creative collage structure to the smooth and beautiful contour. The handmade texture is integrated into the product, giving it lasting vitality and value. The color, decoration, historical and contemporary elements as well as patterns are combined in a very complicated design way to create a striking individual piece.


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Attracting ecologically conscious consumers with environmentally friendly aesthetic design. Recycled materials are obtained from post production waste and used in the production of furniture and lighting. Communicate your environmental efforts to consumers and tell stories so that you can connect with them. Cooperate with material experts or designers supporting environment-friendly production to create innovative products in a responsible manner.

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Creativity changes life

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Explore more possibilities for 2023 lamp design

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In response to people’s growing demand for flexibility and adaptability of space, these variable spaces can easily switch use modes, including new ways to divide space and separate more private rooms

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