There has also been a very interesting change in the direction of “lighting” and “lighting” products.

With the advent of the era of intelligence and the continuous change of mainstream consumer groups, the direction of “lighting” and “lighting” products has also undergone very interesting changes. That is, the two directions of “lighting lighting” and “lighting lighting”. How to understand it?

In fact, “lighting lighting” has been gradually evolving since the arrival of the LED era. For some lighting products, because the plasticity (shape) of the LED light source replaces the lamp cap and the fluorescent tube, the lighting shape is more changeable, and the products also gradually increase the lighting function. Due to the era of intelligence, young consumer groups have become the mainstream of consumption, and personalized lighting products have gradually become electronic technology, and the art of lighting and lighting technology are integrated.

“Lighting and lighting” means that the manufacturing process and appearance quality of lighting products tend to be lighting. In the past, lighting products only focused on lighting or technology, but not on appearance; now, with the rise of the concept of “no main light”, more and more companies are engaged in lighting, and the homogeneity is more and more serious, and the internal technology is no longer the main barriers.
So, how do you differentiate your product? Some companies have begun to work on the appearance, which not only makes the lighting products attractive and decorative, but also increases the added value of the products. Therefore, the lighting (decoration) of lighting products will also become a trend or trend from 2022.
1. From the perspective of terminal stores, the overall passenger flow of online stores has increased, but the strength gap in the industry is constantly widening, and the competition threshold for late entrants is high. At present, the traditional building materials market has basically lost the natural passenger flow, and some local stores without their own traffic diversion ability cannot make profits. Therefore, external customer acquisition has become a necessary condition for the profitability of physical stores.

2. From the manufacturing side, on the one hand, taking the production cluster merchants represented by the ancient town of Zhongshan as an example, they face even more difficulties. For example: increased investment return risk, increased product launch difficulty, decreased customer loyalty, low product profitability, increased product involution, etc.;

The brand value of the lighting industry is generally underestimated, especially by industry practitioners themselves. It is difficult for brands in the lighting industry to become famous, mainly because there are few opportunities for companies in the industry to get out of the circle. Well-known companies are mainly on the manufacturing side. Practitioners generally “hard work” and do not reach consumers. Naturally, there are fewer so-called “famous brands”. .

With the improvement of the current efficiency of social information dissemination, good companies and good products can easily break the circle and succeed. The most important thing is that your products can really afford the “good”!




Post time: Apr-06-2022

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