Let more lighting light up the “Belt and Road” market.

“An old Japanese customer ordered a batch of lamps for us due to the needs of the hotel project for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Last month, we passed the ancient town pilot project to export and deliver by market procurement trade, which is more convenient than the general trade export procedures before. Many.” Recently, Yin Yanling, head of Zhongshan Fengyuan Lighting Co., Ltd., who has been engaged in lighting in the ancient town for 15 years, told reporters.



The reporter learned from Zhongshan Customs that the Zhongshan pilot located in Guzhen Town, as one of the only three pilots in the province, has officially launched its efforts since March 21. As of the end of May, the Zhongshan market procurement and export volume has reached 5.15 billion yuan, of which April 21. The average export value exceeds 100 million yuan. The pilot market procurement trade has become a new growth point for Zhongshan’s foreign trade exports, and it has also helped more and more ancient town enterprise products to go global.

Small merchants can also export directly by “consolidation”

Yin Yanling told reporters that this time, the time for the engineering orders of the Japanese guests is relatively tight. Among them, a ceiling lamp has a diameter of 2.4 meters, which is a difficult non-standard order. After receiving the order after the Spring Festival this year, the company has worked overtime to produce, and the customer has also personally visited the factory several times to follow up. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods as soon as possible, as early as April this year, their company registered on the online information platform for market procurement and trade, and became a pilot resident merchant that can import and export by itself. In June, this batch of lighting was delivered through market procurement trade, which was the first time they tried to export in this new way. “This method provides great convenience for our merchants,” she said.

There are three kinds of non-standard customized hotel engineering lightings exported this time, including large ceiling lamps and traditional crystal chandeliers, which are just assembled into a 20-foot container with a value of more than 30,000 US dollars. “If you follow the previous export method, the customs declaration procedures are much more complicated, and you have to prepare at least a week in advance, and the process of collecting foreign exchange is also very complicated, which is also a bit worrying. You have to collect foreign exchange in Hong Kong through the third-party account of the trading company. Now we open a collection account directly and use the company account for settlement in Zhongshan, saving a lot of trouble and risk.” She said. “Using this new method to export, you only need to prepare documents two or three days in advance, and customs clearance is also very fast.” She said that this month will also use this method to export 1-2 containers of goods.

Zhongshan International Lighting City Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest foreign trade companies in the ancient town. Manager Au Yingxian told reporters that in May this year, he began to use market procurement trade to help customers export. After more than two months of operation, he has tried to help several merchants in ancient towns to export, and has exported more than 20 containers with a value of about 500,000 US dollars.

Drive enterprises to actively explore the “Belt and Road” market

According to Zhongshan Customs statistics, from January to May, the total import and export value of Zhongshan City was 98.76 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2% over the same period last year, of which exports were 79.55 billion yuan, an increase of 13.8%. Among them, the market procurement export has developed rapidly. In fact, in less than two months, the Zhongshan market procurement trade export was 5.15 billion yuan. Among them, the trade volume of Zhongshan enterprises exported to the countries along the “Belt and Road” by market procurement trade amounted to 2.48 billion yuan, accounting for half of the country.

Ou Yingxian said that in recent years, the growth rate of foreign trade exports in the ancient town has slowed down and remained flat. The orders from the popular Russian and Eastern European markets have shrunk, but the orders exported by enterprises to Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and other regions have remained stable. She said that the convenience and safety of the market procurement trade pilot should be able to help enterprises to further explore emerging markets. However, at present, many enterprises and merchants still do not understand this kind of trade, and have concerns about adopting this method. If we can increase the publicity and dispel the concerns of enterprises and merchants, it will be of great help to increase the export volume of Zhongshan.

Yin Yanling has been insisting on lighting trade for 15 years, and 60% of the company’s traditional crystal lamps are sold to Russia and Central Asia. In the face of flat market conditions, this year, their company is ready to take the initiative to help old customers with local marketing activities, and appropriately reduce the financial pressure of old customers to drive the growth of new orders. At the same time, with the help of online platforms, new markets such as Africa and South America have been developed. Yin Yanling believes that with the help of the ancient town market procurement trade pilot, the ancient town can build a logistics distribution platform, and at the same time increase publicity and training, attract more merchants to participate in the pilot, enjoy the dividends of trade convenience, and promote the ancient town lighting to the world.



Post time: Apr-06-2022

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