How will the lighting industry go in 2022?

On March 5, the Fifth Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People. Premier Li Keqiang delivered a government work report, summarizing the past year and proposing the main development goals for 2022. In 2022, we must adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, fully, accurately and fully implement the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, adhere to innovation-driven development, promote high-quality development, and adhere to supply-side structural reforms. main line…..

The judgments and trends of the overall economic situation in the report allow companies to pinpoint their positioning and see opportunities and opportunities. For the lighting field, which is greatly affected by the policy, it is necessary to keep up with the pace of the government in order to cope with the new crisis. Today, let’s take a look at the six keywords summarized by China

Key word 1: double carbon

The government work report proposes to promote carbon neutrality in an orderly manner. Implement the carbon peak action plan. Promote the energy revolution, ensure energy supply, base on resource endowment, adhere to the principle of establishing first and then break, and make comprehensive plans to promote low-carbon energy transformation. Strengthen the clean and efficient utilization of coal, orderly reduce and replace it, and promote the transformation of coal-fired power generation for energy saving and carbon reduction, flexibility transformation, and heating transformation. Promote the research and development, promotion and application of green and low-carbon technologies, build a green manufacturing and service system, and promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in industries such as steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, chemicals, and building materials. Accelerate the formation of green production and lifestyle.

Interpretation: Green LED lighting is an effective way and an important starting point to promote energy saving, consumption reduction and low-carbon development, and an important force to promote the realization of the “double carbon” goal, which is in line with the promotion of green and low-carbon technology research and development, promotion and application in the report. According to relevant statistics, my country’s lighting electricity consumption accounts for about 13% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society. If the whole society realizes the replacement of LED lighting products, it can save about 350 billion kWh of electricity every year, which is equivalent to the power generation of 4 Three Gorges Hydropower Stations.

Urban road lighting accounts for 30% of the lighting electricity consumption. At present, there are more than 32 million lamps for road lighting in my country, maintaining a growth rate of about 5% in the past five years. The mainstream products used are still high-pressure sodium lamps, and there are still more than 20 million lamps that need energy-saving renovation. Globally, the penetration rate of LED street lights is even lower, not exceeding 15%.

Especially since the implementation of the power curtailment policy at the end of 2021, there has been a wave of replacement of “LED street lights” across the country, and the number of tenders for related projects has increased by more than 10% per month. According to statistics from China, from October to late November 2021 alone, more than 1 billion lighting energy-saving renovation projects have been released. Therefore, there is still a large market space in the LED energy-saving lighting transformation part, which is a key area of ​​concern.

At the same time, with the development of emerging information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, 5G, cloud computing, etc., the application scenarios of intelligent lighting continue to expand. Through the energy-saving transformation of lighting systems or control methods, refined management can be achieved, and electricity consumption can also be reduced. The resulting carbon emissions have great market potential in road lighting management, green buildings, and smart home applications.

Key words 2: new and old infrastructure

The government work report pointed out that government investment funds should be used effectively to drive the expansion of effective investment, and to carry out infrastructure investment moderately ahead of schedule. This year, 3.65 trillion yuan of local government special bonds are planned to be arranged. Strengthen the performance orientation, adhere to the principle of “funds follow the project”, reasonably expand the scope of use, support the follow-up financing of projects under construction, and start a batch of qualified major projects, new infrastructure, renovation of old public facilities and other construction projects.

Interpretation: From the current point of view, there are huge opportunities in the field of infrastructure. In the government work report, it is mentioned that the key areas for future fiscal policy efforts are “two new and one heavy”, which refers to new urbanization, new infrastructure, and major livelihood projects. Judging from the list of key construction projects announced by various provinces and cities, the scale has basically reached the trillion level. For example, the “List of Key Construction Projects in Hebei Province” issued by the Hebei Development and Reform Commission shows that in 2022, a total of 695 key projects will be arranged, with a total investment of 11,200 yuan. billion; the total investment of Jiangsu Province is more than 1 trillion; the total investment of Fujian Province is 4.08 trillion; the total investment of Anhui Province is 1.16 trillion; the total investment of Tianjin is 1.17 trillion… each is a huge “cake”, and Basically everything is related to lighting.

For the new infrastructure, the area worthy of attention is the construction of rail transit lighting. According to the “14th Five-Year” transportation development plan formulated by the Ministry of Transport, it is expected that more than 3,300 kilometers of new railway lines will be added in 2022, with new reconstruction and expansion. More than 8,000 kilometers of expressways and more than 1,000 kilometers of new urban rail transit will further stimulate the development of rail transit lighting and road lighting markets.

In addition, the high-speed construction of artificial intelligence, big data centers, and industrial Internet will accelerate the application of intelligent lighting, and people-oriented lighting will be integrated into the construction of new smart cities. Moreover, the capital market has also smelled the heat in the field of intelligent lighting. Recently, Yeelight completed 300 million yuan of E-round financing; Ou Ruibo completed 1 billion yuan of financing; Gakong Technology completed C round of financing of more than 100 million yuan; Hanfeng Technology completed more than 100 million yuan of B-round financing. Round of financing, and these funds will be used for the promotion of emerging markets such as smart lighting. According to IHSMarkit data, the global smart connected lighting market for commercial applications is expected to reach about 147 billion yuan in 2022. The global residential lighting application market also reached 12.6 billion yuan. In 2022, infrastructure investment will stimulate domestic demand, new infrastructure and old infrastructure will play a role together, and the lighting sector is expected to continue to benefit.

Keyword 3: Smart City

The government work report pointed out that the development of the industrial Internet should be accelerated, and the innovation and supply capacity of key software and hardware technologies should be improved. Promote the digital transformation of industries and develop smart cities and digital villages. Unlock the potential of data elements.

Interpretation: Smart city is a hot concept in the lighting industry in the past two years, and the most concentrated area is “smart light poles”. With the official implementation of the first national standard of my country’s smart light pole industry, “Smart City Smart Multifunctional Pole Service Function and Operation Management Specification” from March 1 this year, it is expected that in 2022, the market size of my country’s smart light pole industry is expected to break through. 100 billion yuan.

5G construction has been accelerating. As an important carrier of 5G scale deployment, smart light poles have gradually landed with the drive of China’s “new infrastructure” policy. Judging from the project bidding data in 2021, the amount of bidding projects related to smart light poles in 2021 will exceed 15.5 billion yuan, and the number of smart light poles corresponding to the bidding will be 128,000, an increase of nearly 100,000 compared with 2020. From this, it can be foreseen that the scale of smart light pole construction in the next few years.

At present, more than 500 cities in my country are building smart city projects, and China has become the largest smart city construction country in the world. With the vigorous promotion and popularization of smart cities, light poles have become the most resource-rich infrastructure in cities. According to the “2020-2024 Global Smart Pole Market” report released by Technavio, the global smart pole market will increase by US$7.97 billion from 2020 to 2024, reaching about US$13.72 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 19%. The trend is obvious. .

Key words four: specialization and new

In the report, it is proposed to focus on cultivating “specialized and special new” enterprises, and provide strong support in terms of funds, talents, and incubation platform construction. Promote the construction of a country with strong quality, and promote the industry to move towards the middle and high end.

Interpretation: Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. At present, the economic situation at home and abroad is still severe and complex, and small and medium-sized lighting enterprises are still facing problems such as insufficient market demand, rising costs, shortage of chips, and difficulty in collecting accounts receivable. The government work report proposes to give “specialized and special new” enterprises strong support in terms of funds, talents, incubation platform construction, etc., and guide more resources to gather in innovative enterprises to help enterprises solve innovation bottlenecks and strengthen their ability to resist risks. It is undoubtedly a timely rain.

According to the statistics of China Lighting Network after consulting the three batches of lists of national specialized, special and new small giant enterprises, a total of 60 lighting enterprises are on the list, and the number of Guangdong is up to 21. From the perspective of quantity alone, there are not many lighting companies selected as “specialized, special and new”. The support for “specialized and new” in this report is also to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to develop into “specialized, special and new” enterprises. , find its own business strategy and competition strategy, forge the long board to make up for the short board, build a safe, controllable, efficient and coordinated industrial chain and supply chain, and also inject vitality into the promotion of high-quality development.

Key words five: keep the chain stable

The government report pointed out that the supply guarantee of raw materials and key components should be strengthened, and the project of maintaining and stabilizing the chain of leading enterprises should be implemented to maintain the security and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Interpretation: In 2021, the lighting industry has experienced problems such as “rising raw material prices, chip shortages, and product price increases”. Therefore, creating an independent and controllable, safe, efficient, and highly resilient industrial chain and supply chain is crucial to the steady and long-term development of lighting companies, and it is imminent.

How to keep the chain stable? We believe that lighting companies must firstly improve their core competitiveness through technological innovation, and enhance their ability and ability to resist market risks; secondly, they must have stable and high-quality ecological partners, build a stable supply chain, and form a more stable supply chain. A benign lighting ecosystem; the third is to be guided by customer needs, establish a community of destiny with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, improve the ability of the industrial chain to jointly deal with risks, and establish an industrial supply chain with efficient, coordinated and integrated development.

In the future, the lighting industry will have a long road to keep the chain stable, but why not start from 2022.

Keyword 6: Rural revitalization

In the government report, it is proposed to vigorously grasp agricultural production and promote the overall revitalization of the countryside. Improve and strengthen agricultural support policies, continue to promote the development of poverty alleviation areas, and promote bumper agricultural harvests and farmers’ incomes.

Interpretation: When it comes to rural revitalization, we have to mention village lighting. From March 1st, the first national standard for village lighting, “Village Lighting Specification”, was officially implemented, providing guidance for the functional lighting and landscape lighting of villages and towns, and will further improve the village lighting market.

“Rural revitalization” is a popular term and focus of attention in recent two sessions, and it is also a major strategy vigorously promoted by the state. Just in January this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the implementation opinions on the implementation of the key tasks of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to comprehensively promote rural revitalization in 2022. The document stated that about 100 rural revitalization demonstration counties and 1,000 demonstration villages (towns) will be built , About 10,000 demonstration villages, focusing on the key tasks and weak links of rural revitalization, and playing the role of demonstration, leading and agglomeration of elements.

At the same time, the document proposes to do better in rural leisure tourism. Create high-quality projects. Implement the rural leisure tourism promotion plan, build a number of national key counties for leisure agriculture, select and promote China’s beautiful leisure villages and rural leisure tourism boutique scenic spots. Promote the integration of agriculture, culture and tourism.

As an important part of tourism construction, lighting and tourism industry are more and more closely linked. Lighting plays an important role in broadening development ideas, innovating thinking modes, and stimulating endogenous power in tourism. Next, the construction of characteristic towns, pastoral complexes, and beautiful villages will provide a broad market and growth opportunities for the lighting industry.u=304185765,265241873&fm=253&fmt=auto&app=120&f=JPEG_副本

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