Gantri introduces a new batch of eco-friendly lighting products from emerging designers


Lighting manufacturer Gantri has made independent lighting design a more tangible reality, and they’ve just launched their biggest collection of new eco-friendly lamps.

The launch of up to 20 lamps includes a collection of table, floor and table lamps designed by Kiki Chudikova, Viviana Degrandi, Andrew Ferrier, Chris Granneberg, Filippo Mambretti, Felix Pöttinger and PROWL Studio.


The collections are being launched as part of their Independent Creators Publishing program, a semi-annual showcase that allows independent designers to more easily access lighting design. Designed as an “alternative to trade shows that ordinary consumers can’t,” according to Gantry, the program highlights new voices in design by giving customers the opportunity to buy directly from emerging designers. Task Lights Gallery, designed by Andrew Ferrier

Gantri works with creators to create each piece of lighting, working with their own engineering and creative teams. Designers and engineers work together to not only bring their vision to life, but further refine the design to use materials and production methods in a professional and more sustainable way.

As with all lighting designs published through Gantri, each item in the collection is 3D printed using 100% plant-based biodegradable polymers. Luminaires are manufactured on the company’s own production line. CEO Yang Yang explained that these production methods allow Gantri to offer products of “quality, variety and price … unmatched in consumer design.”

Post time: Oct-27-2022

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