Development prospects and market size analysis of the lighting industry in 2022

What is the lighting development trend and the prospects of the lighting industry? The rapid development of China’s LED technology and the continuous improvement of intelligent control systems jointly promote the steady growth of China’s semiconductor lighting market. The output value in 2020 will reach about 1 trillion yuan. By 2025, the output value of China’s semiconductor lighting fixtures will reach 1.732 trillion yuan.



Development prospects and market size analysis of the lighting industry in 2022

Lighting is decorative lighting, which usually refers to lighting that belongs to soft decoration. Lamps are a general term for lighting tools, which are divided into chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, etc. Refers to the appliances that can transmit light, distribute and change the light distribution of the light source, including all parts except the light source for fixing and protecting the light source, as well as the wiring accessories necessary for connection with the power supply.



After the development of the past ten years, my country’s lighting industry has been further integrated. At present, five major production areas have been formed in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shanghai. The number of enterprises in the five provinces and cities has reached more than 90% of the total number of enterprises in the industry, and the product types are also Each has its own characteristics.

Among them, Guangdong mainly focuses on indoor lighting, and decorative lamps are mainly concentrated in Zhongshan Ancient Town and Dongguan. Other areas in Guangdong, such as Foshan and Huizhou, are mainly based on light sources, lamp panels, brackets, and tube (radiator) lamps, which occupy a large proportion of the domestic market. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian and other places are mainly based on outdoor lamps and light sources.

According to the “2022-2027 China Lighting Industry Development Trend and Investment Risk Research Report” released by the China Research Institute

At present, the competition pattern of my country’s lighting industry is scattered, and the current market share of the industry leader is only about 3%, mainly because, in the era of traditional light sources, the light source is monopolized by the three major manufacturers of Philips, GE, and Osram, and the added value of lighting enterprises is low, and it is difficult to form competition. force. China’s mastery of LED technology has broken the original competition pattern, greatly lowered the technical threshold of light sources, and transferred the right to speak in the industry chain to lamp manufacturers closer to the terminal. Lamp manufacturers have the opportunity to improve through product design, channel management and brand marketing. market share.

In terms of regional distribution, the current regional distribution of the output of lamps and lighting devices in my country is extremely uneven. Among them, the production in South China accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 44.96%; followed by East China, accounting for 35.92%; and then Southwest China, accounting for 35.92% 17.15%; the proportion of output in other regions is smaller, all below 2%.



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