Can you resist these super high-value LED lighting fixtures?

Luna moon light

“Luna Lunar Lamp” is a small moon made of fiberglass. The diameter of the sphere ranges from 8 cm to 60 cm. People can choose different sizes of moon lights according to different application scenarios. For example, the “big moon” can be used as a chandelier, and the “little moon” can be placed next to the pillow as a night light. In addition, due to the high elasticity and flexibility of its material, glass fiber, you can also have an intimate contact with it and enjoy the magical feeling of hugging the “moon”.

full moon light

Look again at this “full moon lamp” from an accidental design. The material used is high-grade imported beech wood, and it is meticulously crafted using CNC molding technology. There are LED lights inlaid on the concave edge of the interior, exuding a warm yellow color, which can give people a warm and soft feeling. In addition, in the corner of the lamp, the designer also set up a hole for inserting plants, inserting leaves or flowers, to reflect the warm light behind, like a full moon rising. It is understood that there is also a crescent moon lamp in the same series.

The “moon wall lamp” from the WEN brand is also quite realistic. It also incorporates the texture of the moon’s surface. In addition, this lamp has a built-in sensor, which can control the switch and brightness of the lamp by remote control, which is used to create an atmosphere. First class.

Mooncake Light

The next thing I want to introduce is the “Mooncake Lantern” specially created for the Mid-Autumn Festival by the WEIS team combining mooncakes and lights. As the name suggests, its appearance looks like some mooncakes with various flavors. The designer chose paraffin wax as the material and carefully designed the mooncake pattern for it. Of course, LED lights are installed inside. When it is lit, the translucent texture and the light reflected in the surroundings make you feel warm and beautiful. The designer also ingeniously infiltrated the paraffin wax with essential oil to make the lamp emit a fragrance. Different colors correspond to different flavors: orange orange, cherry blossom powder, lavender purple, and lemon yellow. Will you move your index finger and can’t help but want to taste it?

Mushroom lamp

In addition to the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the release of a new generation of Apple mobile phones has undoubtedly occupied the most popular search keywords as always. As the 10th generation of the Apple series of mobile phones, the iPhone 7 was released at the 2016 Apple Autumn New Product Launch Conference at the Bill Graham Municipal Auditorium in San Francisco, USA at 1:00 AM on September 8, 2016, Beijing time as scheduled. Hot buying wave. Earlier, fruit powder experts have listed ten new features for the all-aluminum alloy body and the outstandingly designed iPhone7. Of course, the focus of the think tank today does not fall here. What I will introduce next is actually a simple “mushroom lamp” that can charge the iPhone.

I believe that many people have the habit of charging their mobile phones on the bedside, especially those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, who will definitely dislike the messy charging cable on the desktop. A designer who has a meticulous pursuit of life has created this mushroom lamp that provides a habitat for mobile phones. Obviously, its shape is inspired by mushrooms, and its design concept of returning to nature aims to convey quiet and warmth. The base is made of hard maple wood from North America, processed by CNC and polished by hand. The lampshade part adopts the traditional manual blowing process.

It can be used as an ambient light when placed on both sides. It has a built-in 5000mAh polymer lithium battery and has 3 levels of brightness adjustment. The minimum level can last for 11 hours without power connection. The reverse amplifier adds the function of charging the iPhone. The genuine plugs certified by Apple’s MFI are hidden in the logs, exquisite and practical. This simple and pure mushroom lamp can be placed in the bedroom, placed on the desk, dining table, or used as decorative lighting in cafes, restaurants and other places.

MBI Pocket Flashlight

Buy a pocket flashlight and hang it on the key chain, which is convenient and practical. But maybe what you have seen in the past has not been as compact as the “extreme”. Now, a flashlight that may be the smallest in the world-the “MBI pocket flashlight” has been released. The so-called famous is not as good as meeting. As you can see in the picture, it is about the size of a regular match, 20mm long and 3mm in diameter. The part of the “match head” is an LED bulb, and the surface is made of non-slip rubber. The built-in battery can switch the light bulb by squeezing the “match head”, which can provide 8 hours of continuous lighting. Although the brightness is not too high, there is no problem at all in case of a power outage.

Multifunctional smart light

Sony’s latest electrical equipment Multifunctional Light can provide a variety of unexpected functions. From the appearance alone, the design of this Multifunctional smart electric lamp is not much different from the circular dish-shaped lamp usually installed on the ceiling. As a lamp, in addition to providing basic lighting functions, it uses the LED lamp technology provided by Toshiba, which can set different lighting modes in response to different situations. In addition, in order to provide more comprehensive functions, the smart light will also be equipped with motion, light, temperature and humidity sensors, as well as infrared controllers, speakers, microphones and microSD card slots.

The function of the product is very powerful, for example, the built-in sensor will detect whether there is someone, and then automatically turn on or turn off the lighting. By detecting the indoor temperature and humidity, the temperature of the air conditioner can also be adjusted by itself. It can even fully control a variety of electrical appliances in the home, such as automatically turning on and off the TV, answering calls, recording, playing music, and using it as a surveillance camera. It can also be connected to smartphones and other devices via Wi-Fi, and can be further controlled wirelessly by using App More features.

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