2021 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition: overcome all difficulties and hold as scheduled to lay a centering needle for the industry.

From August 3 to 6, the 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Gile) was grandly opened in China Import and export commodities fair. The exhibition covers an area of 185000 square meters and 2036 enterprises from 9 countries and regions around the world attended.

As the opening year of the new decade of the lighting industry, under the uncertainty of the epidemic situation, it is not easy for Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition to be held as scheduled. For the industry, external factors such as consumption upgrading and favorable policies promote the vigorous development of the lighting sector. There is also an urgent need for the exhibition platform to undertake the important functions of enterprise information release, boosting the development of the industry and guiding the future direction.

At this exhibition, major lighting enterprises have made great efforts and accumulated sufficient strength, and new products, new technologies and new trends emerge one after another, leading China’s lighting industry into a virtuous development cycle and laying a centering pin for the industry.





part 1

Intelligent lighting, health lighting, cultural tourism lighting and other leading industries, and big lighting can be expected in the future

The “star plate” of this Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is nothing more than intelligent lighting and health lighting. Head brands including NVC, Signify, Ams OSRAM, OPPLE, Sanxiong Aurora, Foshan Lighting and TCL Huarui lighting almost focus on the two star plates this year.




Although it will take some time for intelligent lighting to become popular and mature in the market, lighting enterprises are still determined to seize the highland of intelligent lighting. At this exhibition, many new highlights emerged in the intelligent lighting sector.

First of all, intelligent lighting is no longer limited to intelligent control and interconnection of all things. In the words of  Yulong  Liu, CEO of Ayla IOT, the current intelligent lighting has evolved to the “fourth generation” – active service. Through sensors and cloud algorithms, guess user behavior logic and provide active services without touch or voice, making users more and more lazy.

Secondly, this year’s mainstream exhibitors focus on “lighting solutions”, including Nvc, Sanxiong Aurora, Foshan Lighting, overclocking 3 and other enterprises. Through the headquarters enabled terminal channel, they output intelligent lighting solutions including design, lighting and installation for users to accelerate the landing of intelligent lighting.

Moreover, many IOT enterprises participated in this exhibition, including not only tmall smart lights, baidu Xiaodu, graffiti, Ayla IOT, fluorite and other IOT platforms, but also many lighting enterprises such as TCL Huarui lighting and Foshan Lighting have also launched their own IOT systems to seize the intelligent entrance and seek cross-border cooperation. In the smart city sector, such as Yaming and Yongdian, smart management platforms are also launched. Through the application of digital and AI analysis, it not only realizes unified management, but also brings advantages such as energy conservation and environmental protection, prolonging service life and reducing later maintenance through accurate control.

With the normalization of COVID-19, healthy lighting will usher in a new golden period. UV and sterilization lighting products have been very popular since last year. The world’s largest UV LED enterprises have put forward the concept of “lighting lamps that can kill new crowns” for 59 seconds, making enough attention. With people’s more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of health, the field of health lighting is also expanding. This year, brands including OPPLE, Signify, Sanxiong aurora and Ams OSRAM have focused on creating a healthier light environment for different scenes such as hospitals, offices, homes and schools through rhythm light closely related to human health, Provide more natural and healthy lighting solutions.


In addition to the above two star sectors, China’s social economy continues to rise, promoting the vigorous development of many lighting segments. The state vigorously promoted the new pattern of double circular economy development. Under the favorable policies of new infrastructure, night economy, education and health, cultural tourism lighting, landscape lighting, smart light pole, education lighting and other sectors gained gratifying momentum. In addition, with the continuous development and deepening of semiconductor technology, sectors including plant lighting, animal husbandry lighting and ocean lighting also show a strong upward momentum. Multiple sectors go hand in hand to further strengthen the confidence of the industry and the future of daylighting can be expected.

part 2

New products and technologies emerge one after another, and China’s lighting industry has entered a virtuous development cycle

As a global lighting exhibition event, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is the first show platform of new products in the industry every year. This exhibition is no exception. This year’s exhibitors have brought many dazzling new products and technologies:

This year, Xinlong optoelectronics brought three core technologies: superlight optical architecture, zoomneo color algorithm and anecast laser image. Among them, 6 new products that have just won the red dot award in 2021 are particularly eye-catching. They are the enterprises with many awards in the construction and landscape lighting sector this year. The award-winning line lamp product integrates the advantages of accurate light control, fine color, energy conservation and environmental protection, and can save energy by 45% under the same power. The laser projection of another new product has reached the current 22000 lumens of outdoor waterproof projection in the industry, and there is no need to use a incubator. It has great market potential in the future.

Huaermei can be called the “learning representative” of this exhibition, and has launched a number of new outdoor products with “excellent character and learning” simultaneously. For example, super high-power outdoor lamps up to 3000W; Intelligent control and human body induction are added to optimize the surface material of induction floor tiles; Thinner and smaller, better heat dissipation, longer service life and 30% energy-saving buried lamp. In particular, it is worth seeing the high-strength multi-functional smart light pole with structural patent. With the help of the design concept of supermarket shelf, the smart light pole can easily carry different functional modules, and can carry more than 8,9 modules, which is powerful.

Yiting’s super anti glare wall washing lamp achieves the ultimate quality and performance, which is very worth seeing. The super anti glare distance of 0.1M greatly reduces the glare of building lighting and improves the lighting texture. Moreover, this product can achieve the wall washing effect of nearly 6m wide and 9m high. It can not only evenly illuminate the wall, but also the brightness of a 40W wall washing lamp is equivalent to that of five traditional 36W LEDs. It is very energy-saving and brings a new choice for the application of wall washing lighting products.

Thunder color, which started with laser lighting, has an endless stream of people on the booth. The combination of laser and smoke creates a “space-time tunnel”, which has a great eye absorption effect; The waterproof laser performance lamp with Chinese style appearance can better integrate with the landscape; Laser lamps with irradiation distance up to 3-6km can efficiently create core increase engagement projects for cultural and tourism places.

With a global smart factory, Huapu Yongming has brought high-quality products and efficient services through the independently developed industrial 4.0 software platform. This year, Huapu Yongming focused on market segmentation, brought many new products suitable for various outdoor scenes, and provided professional lighting solutions for stadiums, airports, gas stations, ports and docks. With its strong product R & D capability and the ability to precisely customize product solutions,  will gradually build brand barriers and open up a new world.15c

In the civil lighting sector,  no main lamp is still the focus of the market, and the magnetic absorption track lamp and line lamp have become the sign of the no main lamp. Huayi lighting, which started with festive lanterns, has take the no main lamps as the dominant factor in recent years. This year, it focuses on various shapes of magnetic absorption track lamps and introduces magnetic absorption tracks as narrow as 1.8cm; Ouman this exhibition launched a silicone neon light belt with arbitrary cutting, which makes the good appearance and plasticity, and improves the freedom and possibility of lighting design.

The exhibition platform provides a perspective for horizontal observation of the industry. It can be seen that this year’s lighting enterprises have made great efforts in product R & D, and there are more and more products with high technology, high quality and high uniqueness. China’s central position as the global lighting industry chain is becoming more and more prominent. At the same time, domestic lighting enterprises have shown a strong fighting spirit, constantly catching up with each other, going deep into the direction of high quality, subdivided fields and specialized technology, so as to promote China’s lighting industry into a virtuous development cycle.

part 3

Lighting in the new decade: industry competition from disorder to order, form a deep energy giving enterprise

With the continuous development of China’s lighting industry, the industry has gradually shifted from the original disorderly competition to competition at the professional and technical level. As Ma Zhiwei, director of OPP lighting, said: “it’s easy to enter the lighting industry, but it’s difficult to do it well”. Analysts pointed out that during the industry transformation period, enterprises need to break through their own limitations and look at development from the height of the industry. At the same time, as the opening year of the new decade of the lighting industry, 2021 also needs the wind vane of the exhibition platform under the situation of sudden changes in the environment.




In order to promote the development of the lighting industry, the 4-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will gather industry leading brands and integrate cross-border industry resources. More than 250 professional seminars and forums will be held, including the[ global lighting industry leaders summit], [the Asia intelligent lighting cross ecosystem exchange conference], [ the future lighting development summit - green, low-carbon]  and [ smart building lighting Lighting value development forum in the era of cultural tourism night tour], [intelligent lighting cross-border interconnected industry forum], [non visual lighting technology and ecological chain cooperation forum], etc. cover new industry information and focus on cutting-edge technologies. There are both horizontal and wide trend analysis and vertical and in-depth professional discussion to promote industry exchanges and cross-border interaction, At the same time, it helps exhibitors and lighting practitioners quickly establish their judgment and grasp of the overall situation of the industry. On the opening day of the exhibition, many forums were full. In the context of the epidemic, the exhibitors still showed high enthusiasm, which further shocked the confidence of the industry.


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