Chandelier 66012 Simple modern home living room Hotel Crystal Chandelier

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Light source: E14 screw mouth
Size: 98cm in diameter * 74cm in height
Application: 25 40 square
Color: S gold
Space: living room

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Make your room look sexy. Value for money! Very suitable for halls, living room aisles, corridors, living rooms

This stunning recessed installation K9 crystal modern raindrop chandelier is a gorgeous ceiling light fixture, more stunning than the pictures. Made of high-quality materials-first-class crystal raindrops and bright stainless steel to ensure the quality of modern modern chandeliers.

Safe packaging and very easy to install. Light up your room in just a few minutes! It takes a lot of time and effort to assemble.

The pendant is very elegant, dripping in crystals. From the font on the top, to the shadow, to the bottom of the pendant, there are crystals of different sizes and cuts. The subtle polished gilded finish makes the crystal a true star. Provide 3 styles to perfectly meet your lighting needs. Fixtures are hard-wired
Polished gold plated


Chandelier 66012-L10+5

Light source: E14 screw mouth
Size: 100cm * 74cm
Application: 28- 40 square
Color: S gold
Space: living room




Chandelier 66012-L10

ight source: E14
Size: D95*H85cm
Application: 12-35m2
Color: gold
Space: living room




Chandelier 66012-8

Light source: E14
Size: diameter 70cm*height 65cm
Application: 25-30 square
Color:  gold
Space: bedroom


Chandelier 66012-L10+6

Light source: E14
Size: diameter 65cm*height 60cm
Application: 10-25 square
Color:  gold
Space: bedroom


Dimensions and light sources

We can make the size of a chandelier you like smaller or bigger to fit your room perfectly. As a result, you can have a complete chandelier “family” in different sizes.
Color of crystal & glass parts

We can color any crystal & glass part of our chandelier. There are two primary ways of coloring. The first one is plating that creates beautiful reflecting colors but is limited in the color possibilities. The commonly used plated colors are smoke grey, amber, cognac and champagne. The second option is painting, however, allows us to exactly match any shade of every color in your room, carpet, furniture, ceiling etc.
Crystal shapes

Almonds, pendalogue, drops, prisms, octagons, raut balls and more crystal shapes are available to you. There are many crystal shapes we can use to customize your chandelier and give it a unique, personal touch.
Finish of metal parts

The main metal parts on a chandelier include the frame structure, ceiling canopy, chain, candle holder, as well as connecting parts. Similar to the crystals, there are two main ways of finishing metal parts, electroplating and painting. We can achieve virtually any color of the metal but the most typical colors of the metal include golden, chrome, black, bronze, brushed nickel, brushed brass and antique colors.


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